Nick Cowan

Nick has been a qualified osteopath since 2004 and is registered with the
General Osteopathic Council, having graduated from the British college of Osteopathic medicine. In addition he holds an honours degree in Biomedical Sciences, a diploma in Naturopathic medicine and has trained in dry needling (trigger point acupuncture).

Nick combines an extensive understanding of human anatomy and physiology. He has an holistic approach to overall well-being and postural re-education. With a principle aim of reducing pain and increasing mobility he also provides nutritional, exercise and lifestyle advice so that his patients may achieve an optimum state of health.

He has a wealth of experience in many team sports. He played rugby (having played at amateur level), football, hockey and cricket. He is also an experienced long distance runner with a lengthy CV of marathons. He has also run several ultra-marathons including the Caesar’s camp 50mile endurance run. With this particular interest he provides expert advice on running biomechanics, and training methods.