What Can Osteopathy Treat?

  • pain in temples

    Neck Pain & Headaches

    Osteopathy is a highly effective treatment for headaches, neck pain and migraines, as the majority of these are…

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  • pain in back

    Acute/Chronic back pain & Sciatica

    The trouble with back pain is that it can do more than just give you a pain in the back! It can…

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  • runner clutching leg

    Sports injuries

    Although exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, sports injuries can affect men and women of all ages and abilities. It can be…

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  • man with arthritis in hips

    Chronic arthritis

    The word arthritis means inflammation of a joint. There are many different types of arthritis of which the most common are..

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  • woman clutching painful shoulder

    Shoulder injuries

    Shoulder pain is a common problem treated by osteopaths. It is often caused by spending long periods of time sitting at desks, typing …

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  • pregnant woman at her work desk

    Pregnancy/Pelvic dysfunction

    During pregnancy, the body goes through significant physical, biochemical and emotional changes. Getting used to carrying…

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  • posture related stress at work

    Postural strains- Work and driving

    Whether your work involves a computer terminal, driving, or heavy industry, repetitive movements can cause disorders of …

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  • treating a spinal condition

    Systemic dysfunction

    Often as a result of generalized postural dysfunction, a whole variety of system issues can arise, ranging from…

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